Bong Joon-ho’s Okja Review

Okja is a breathlessly beautiful new picture from visionary director Bong Joon-ho. Anchored by marvellous performances from Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swinton as well as child actress Ahn Seo-hyun and propelled by gorgeous visuals and a brilliant script, Okja easily pushes its way into the ranks of the best films of 2017. Okja Result: A*


Roger Michell’s My Cousin Rachel Review

My Cousin Rachel is a good film, but it deserves to be better. It's anchored by stellar performances from Sam Claflin and Rachel Weisz as well as stunning cinematography and location yet crippled by its faithfulness to the source material and lack of intensity. Roger Michell's 2017 film is worth a watch but not a priority over some of the brilliant pictures of the summer. My Cousin Rachel Result: B

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman is a triumph for women and the DCEU. Not only is the message, impact and meaning extremely important and successful, but the film is also brilliant. Jenkins masterfully balances the inevitable cheese of Wonder Woman's ethos with a compelling and sleek genre-bending style. Wonder Woman is comfortably the best film of the DC Extended Universe and one of the best blockbuster films of 2017 so far. Wonder Woman result: A