Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk Review

Yet again, Christopher Nolan has made a future classic. The film is harrowing, beautiful and thrilling. He breaks down the three-act structure in an incredibly unique way and directs an incredible cast of actors in an authentic epic that feels like a history lesson as well as a mind-blowing spectacle, in the best way possible. Dunkirk Result: A


Marti Noxon’s To The Bone Review

Marti Noxon's film gives an honest and authentic look into eating disorders for the most part (as well as displaying some strong performances from new and old faces) yet plummets headfirst into a bizarre and un-compelling final act. To The Bone result: B

William Oldroyd’s Lady Macbeth Review

With Florence Pugh's incredibly powerful performance and a deliciously dark screenplay, this film is thoroughly harrowing and thrilling. Its execution and direction is simple, creating an even more frightening experience. Filmed beautifully and performed perfectly, this is an undeniable must-see for anyone who loves film.  Lady Macbeth result: A

Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Director Jon Watts picks up where the Russo brothers left Tom Holland's MCU Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War and creates a perfectly pitched and endlessly entertaining film. This is quite easily the best Spider-Man film to date and is hilarious, authentic and dazzlingly thrilling, anchored by Tom Holland's brilliant performance as Peter Parker. Spider-Man: Homecoming result: A*

Deconstructing The Failure Of Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad - DC's ambitious 2016 supervillain film raised great expectations with a talented director, superb cast and chilling first trailer, yet the film flopped miserably upon release. This is a deconstruction of how its failure came to be, including a look at its script, plot devices, characterisation and directoral methods.