Favourite Films

My Top Ten Favourite Films


1. Stoker

This film is by my favourite director of all time, Park Chan-wook and is an unconventional coming-of-age film that is so brilliantly shot and directed. I find this film inexhaustibly thrilling and so visually stunning and I’ve watched it endless times. The film’s artistry and story is so dazzling and I love it so much I could talk about it for hours.


2. The Captain America Trilogy

Captain America is my favourite fictional character and this trilogy is just such an excellent portrayal. The trilogy can stand on its own as a fantastic series of action films which are brilliantly directed and acted. The second film, The Winter Soldier, is easily my favourite and is so wonderfully entertaining.


3. The Piano

This film has a lot of sentimental value as I was introduced to it through my mother. Everything about the film is so beautiful; the cinematography, the score and the performance. The film is so beautifully harrowing and one of my main inspirations as a filmmaker.


4. We Need To Talk About Kevin

I love everything about this film, from the music to the editing and cinematographyThis film is so excellently executed and perfectly exemplifies the genre and style of film that I love. Ezra Miller’s performance in the film is one of my favourite pieces of acting of all time. This is another huge inspiration for me as a filmmaker.


5. Donnie Darko

This film’s strange and surreal style is so appealing to me and is one of my favourites for this reason. Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance as Donnie Darko is so weirdly compelling and this film, albeit incredibly confusing, is one of the reasons I love film so much.


6. The Sound Of Music

This is the kind of film that I find it hard to believe anyone could dislike. I have a deep adoration for 20th century movie musicals and this is undeniably my favourite. I love everything about this film and how happy it makes me. In my opinion, this is the only film that gets away with being over three hours long.


7. Prisoners

Prisoners is such an excellent film in so many ways. I really admire Denis Villeneuve as a director and this film is easily my favourite of his. The film’s plot outline isn’t exactly original but the complexity and perspective makes it so compelling and unique. I absolutely love the cinematography of this film as well as Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance.


8. The Lion King

This film was my obsession when I was very young. I have so much Lion King merchandise collected over my entire lifetime its embarassing. In my opinion, it is a crime to dislike this film. Its magical, wonderful and heartbreaking and will always be my favourite Disney film.


9. Rust And Bone

This film affected me so thoroughly when I first watched it. It is so subtly harrowing and authentic and the performances in the film are absolutely phenomenal. This is another film that I use as an example of the kind of films I want to make in the future. It is perfect.

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10. The Producers

I watched this film vigorously when I was far too young and it still remains one of the funniest films of all time, in my opinion. I am not a fan of comedy, but Mel Brooks is such a legend and I adore all of his films. For me, this is my favourite. I could watch it again and again without getting sick of it.